At Cinch Software Solutions, we build custom web-based and desktop database systems for small and medium-sized businesses. The database systems we develop streamline business processes, automate manual tasks and reduce data entry.

Our custom development services includes:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Products: 

CRM is a discipline as well as a set of discrete software and technologies that focus on automating and improving the business processes associated with managing customer relationships in the areas of sales, marketing, customer service and support. 

Our Online CRM Products Include:

Puratech's Online Sales Force Automation:

Puratech's Online Sales Force Automation is powerful, yet easy to use, and fast to implement. There is no software to load. The latest revision is always on-line. Just log in to our web site, and put the potent tools in Sales Force Automation to work for you. Sales Force Automation is designed to play a pivot roll in your company's customer relationship management strategy.


Puratech's Online Customer Support Management Solution:

Puratech integrates Online Customer Support Management (OCSM) giving real time information to help the management in strategic planning to let the organization grow in an effective way. In fact OCSM acts as an assistant to everybody in the organization leading to increase the efficiency of Customer Support Representatives / Engineers. Information flow is automated for every important activity, which eliminates errors and provides in-depth analysis of individuals and overall performance.