Custom Development:

has developed a set of fully customizable database integrated Internet tools to increase the effectiveness of your website.
Our custom developed tools can be rapidly integrated into your website, with the look and feel which best suites your site. 

Below are some of our custom development tools:

Pura Quick Search:

Pura Quick Search tool has complete searching capabilities of your web site by keywords or phrases. Pura Quick Search works just like a search engine, displaying the results in a ranking order. This feature is especially useful for sites with a large amount of content.

Pura Email Broadcast:

Pura Email Broadcast allows your company's personnel to e-mail via the web. Multiple user lists can be combined with data to create customized, personalized broadcast lists that e-mail the requested information to the right person. Pura Email Broadcast reliably conveys a company's message to existing and potential investors on a timely, ongoing basis.

Pura Internal Messaging:

Pura Internal Messaging allows your corporate to create unlimited messaging accounts for your business. You can select a particular user and send typed message to him / her. Its secure with user authenticated restriction to all users.

Pura Web Employee:

A database driven module allows you to broadcast necessary recruitment information on the website. Candidates can view this information and fill an online recruitment form and await their results through online result tracking systems for appointments and information. The system helps the company to keep track of the various candidates applied over the years with less trouble. 

Also Puratech has developed various other easily customizable applications such as:
  • Pura E-Brochures
  • Pura Enquiry Processing Cart
  • Pura Request for Quote Module
  • Pura Online Pricing Module
  • Pura Banner Rotation Program
  • Pura Opinion Poll
  • Pura Upload / Download Manager
  • Pura Dynamic Guest Book with search facilities
  • Pura Chat
  • Pura Bulletin Board

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